Ways to improve your real estate website

real estate website design

Many people associate success with impressive real estate to their name. People love to surf online in search for their perfect home. Everyone wants to create their own space, somewhere they feel they belong.

That is why as a real estate agent you want a website backing up your business. A website that takes the customers into a zone where they can envision their perfect homes. Give them a mood board to influence their choices and decisions.

Use your website to bring in potential customers, hooking them with your genuine brand message, good viewer content and engaging design. This will help your brand to gain positive reviews in the market and help obtain customers that remain loyal to your brand.

If you are running an insubstantial website, you are negatively impacting your business. You are making a mistake by not tapping into the immense potential of the web world. It is foolish to not utilize an opportunity that could bring you an outstanding stream of revenue.

It can be a little bit tricky. When becoming a real estate agent who would’ve thought you would have to care about the design of your website. But this is a digital world, and you want your real estate agent website design to reach clients through the internet.

Here a few tips you can improve your real estate website, making things a little bit easier for you.


Research shows that you are likely to get 55% more potential leads if you do blogging on your website. If you are unable to direct traffic towards your website, then its particularly useless. What’s the point of a website that can bring you potential leads?

So blogging at least once a week will be good content for your website. Make sure that you remain relevant, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Try to write in such a way that the reader feels you are conversing with them and they feel like they have a connection with the writer.

Add visuals

Written content is a great way to connect with your audience but it is not enough to make them stay. Visual content is very important for hooking your site visitors. Add beautiful neighbourhoods, aesthetic homes, and uplifting societies to your website, it can be in the form of images or video content.

With advancements in virtual technology, you can take your customer on a tour from one room to another. This will help them experience the property in real-time.

Guide your customer step by step

The whole procedure of buying a new home can be intimidating sometimes. So be your client’s savior and help them along with this process.

It is a big decision in everyone’s life and a great financial investment, nobody wants to mess this up. So, be an honest guide to what is best for your client, making them trust you and stick to your service.

Give them a step-by-step guide on your website or pen down the procedure as a blog post. This way they will move through the whole procedure smoothly.

Try to keep the ads and pop-ups at bay

As far as making connections with your client over email, pop-ups are great but too many can be a turn off for the client. Research shows that to many adds and pop-ups cause about 68% of searchers to block a site from search results.

Make your website a smooth, disruptive experience for your clients.

Make it mobile-friendly

With more and more internet usage shifting to mobile you want your website functioning smoothly on mobile. It is best if your run compatibility testing on your website before its launch. Be sure your website is mobile-friendly so you can get maximum traffic.

Link your testimonials to your contact page

Clients are much more likely to contact you when they see the proof of your amazing service to others. They wouldn’t want to miss out on quality products and services.

The more glowing views on your page, the more customers will want to reach out to you.

Be google friendly

If people are unable to find you online, they are unlikely to benefit from your service. To make people visit your website more often you want your website popping up in google searches more often.

You can achieve this through search engine optimization. Post fresh content often and make sure that your content carries keywords with high volume.

To finish it off

Website design can be the key factor in the growth of your business. It is the best way these days to generate traffic and gain potential clients. Increase your overall revenue by improving your website design, and creating your place on the world wide web. Sell more property by generating effective content to hook your clients and encouraging them to buy their forever homes.

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