Mobile testing trends for 2020

These days we seem to have a mobile for everything. Whether you want to buy something, play games, make aesthetic videos, edit pictures, order food, etc, there is an app for all you can possibly think of doing. There are so many applications present in all categories on Google Playstore. These make out our every day tasks a lot easier while also bringing fun and excitement to our lives. These applications have grown to become such a major part of our life that without them life would feel incomplete.

However, making your application stand out among such dense competition can be a little bit tricky. It is really important that you create apps that help or provide for people in some manner or another. Why would anyone use an application they have no use of? If an application helps a person they will definitely deem it important enough to make it a daily part of their life and download it in their mobiles. Try to design it in such a manner that it gives your customers a high level of utility. A positive experience leads to good reviews, that beckon others to try your application too.

Mobile is the best platform for your brand. It is a common commodity among most of us in the time period we are living in. Are face our mostly glowing in the lights of our mobile screens as we move from one app to another. That makes it very important to be able to target your audience’s needs while creating an app. These small things are all important but another factor that you need to keep in mind when creating a mobile application is mobile app testing.

Mobile application testing is a process where you check the functionality of the application that you create, you want to check its responsiveness, usability, and consistency. This helps you remove any potential bugs prior to the release of your mobile application. You can carry out this testing both manually and automated.

Trends in mobile testing services change over time you need to keep in check with changes and updates in the process. Keep reading this article to get to know about the latest trends to make the testing more efficient.

Trends to follow

Automate your testing

For efficient quality assurance, it is important to automate your testing system. You need to recognize it as the need of time. To reduce manual testing has become a matter of surviving in the fast-paced world of mobile applications. It decreases your testing and improves your coverage. It is necessary to carry out successful DevOps and Agile implementation.

Combine DevOps and Agile

Software development and testing incorporate these two approaches. These initiate a deeper connection between the tester and developers. Both get to know more about the other’s skills. It stops people from creating boundaries and dividing themselves into groups. This increases the sharing of responsibilities and working towards a common goal. Using both allows you to cover the testing and development process in a short time.

Integrated toolchain with open standards

This will be a hot trend in 2020 to use tools with open standards. Full-stack automation tools are not the only options for developers now. Open standards keep the test timing short and precise as well as cutting down on testing costs. Mobile test automation service by top companies can be too expensive hence this seems like a viable option.

Test with IoT in mind

This differs from your usual testing process. With wearables becoming a constant part of our life we need to carry out testing keeping in mind IoT. This means that while testing your mobile application there are additional things you need to focus on like:

  • increasing data security
  • revision of operating procedures, data transfers, and protocols
  • Adjustments in smartphone power consumption
  • connection failures
  • additional advanced functionality (AI, VR/AR, etc.)

It is also better to test using real devices instead of emulators, allowing you to use the test-as-a-user approach.

Managing test environment

There is an increase in demand for cloud-based environmental testing. Companies should look towards making changes in the test environment management as they gain enough flexibility and transparency through cloud-based testing. This trend will continue to gain popularity as more customers are buying commercial cloud-based products.

Use artificial intelligence

In order to make the testing process more efficient we should turn towards artificial intelligence, it in no way replaces QA professionals. An incorporation of artificial intelligence can be used for more extensive specific tasks.


To stay ahead in this tough competition with new mobile applications emerging every now and then, it is necessary that you are well aware of the latest trends in mobile application testing. This way you can ensure a better response for your application from your target audience.

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