Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media


Social media is a medium of conversation with each other across the international. There are many blessings of social media like hundreds of thousands of people communicate at the same time with the assist of social media; no question social media is bringing humans nearer than earlier. Over time, social media conversation web sites are increasing each day to connect the global.

Mostly, the younger zone of society such as pre-teens and teenagers joins social networking websites. They love to chat, commenting, posting pics and films and submit status approximately their recent activity. Social media is also used to make friends from all over the world like you can make a pal that isn’t always living on your street, your city or even your country.

Social media is also a medium of entertainment. People enjoy movie stars’ gossips on social media due to the fact their favorite superstar posts current updates and their activity. Social media offers you facts approximately upcoming movies, humans reviews, hit songs and hit movies.

Social media is likewise used for advertising and business purposes like if you need to start your boutique of readymade clothes a social media marketing agency can help you grow your business they make a web page on social media and upload your clothes facts with the price and start a campaign for your business, this is an internet business so you can effortlessly earn via social networking sites.

Social Medias

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So we will say that social media is a medium of communication, social media conversation reduces the distance among our cherished once, it is giving business opportunities and it’s a far supply of entertainment but there are some risks of social media in our society.

Social Media is a wastage of time, humans waste their treasured time on social sites because they may be addicted to the use of social media. Like if they do no longer take a look at their messages and notifications daily they end up crazy, this addiction is making them depressed and wild. Social Media is also an increasing jealousy factor among teenagers, they need to buy luxury vehicles and submit car’s pics on social media to make other human beings jealous. They want to devour in a high priced five-star motel to make others jealous. This jealousy factor could be very dangerous, other those who see this kind of post-begin losing self-assurance especially teens and sometimes they commit suicide.

For me, Suicide is the worst downside of social media. Almost, 5000 young adults commit suicide in step with year. The foremost reasons are depression, jealousy, and inferiority complex. Some youngster commits suicide due to the fact they need to be like wealthy humans and celebrities additionally they want to grow to be popular.

Another serious downside of social media is obesity. It may additionally dangerous to health. Many people especially teens just caught on their couch eating high-calorie food, checking social media updates and gambling games, therefore, they gain weight. They do now not opt for out of doors activities like football, cricket, and badminton so they emerge as greater lazy and fatty.


Social media is a manner of easy verbal exchange with our loved ones and buddies and this media keeps ourselves up to date but, we recognize that extra of the whole lot is awful and it could be dangerous to us. Social media is inflicting damages, especially it’s far very harmful to our health we don’t exercise each day so it’ll be very dangerous within the future. Teenagers need to listen to studies as opposed to losing their precious time on vain things.

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